Lumis in Action


The Duquesne University
School of Nursing


The Duquesne University School of Nursing provides highly engaging educational resources and experiences for its students. As the program grows, leadership aims to stay committed to utilizing cutting-edge simulation technologies that provide a realistic learning environment for its students, minimize learning curves, and maximize retention. However, acquiring sufficient instructional resources remains a challenge in nursing education.


Duquesne evaluated several instructional resources and selected the Lumis InSight Platform®, a scalable, augmented reality-driven training platform. The School of Nursing faculty members partnered with Lumis to develop Cardiac Auscultation Learning Modules (LM) for students that would empower them to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule. The curriculum, built with tools to measure proficiency, was designed for both in-person and online learning to support a hybrid model of instruction. Lumis also shared instructional best practices to guide faculty in implementing this solution in different ways.


  • Pre and post score quiz assessments increased from an average of 76% to 91%
  • Students reported that the LMs were easy to use, helpful, added value, and the immersive nature of the platform expanded their learning and retention


“I think that the Lumis® augmented reality platform offers so much more than the traditional high-fidelity patient simulators. The self-paced learning is a bonus!”

Rosanna Henry

Assistant Dean,
Clinical Skills and Simulation
Duquesne University

About Lumis®

Lumis is a technology company that aims to disrupt the traditional clinical and healthcare education experience by making it more immersive, accessible, and efficient. Our augmented reality and data-driven InSight Platform® ensures that the same quality of training can be received by anyone, at anytime and anywhere. We are passionate about democratizing healthcare education to reduce the frequency of medical errors and improve patient outcomes. Our solution is scalable and customizable to fit the needs of everyone across the healthcare education spectrum.