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Why Lumis®

Lumis’ customer base, that ranges from small community colleges to large medical schools all have one thing in common – they are dedicated to training the next generation of healthcare professionals to achieve the best outcomes for their patients.


Our modular and manikin-agnostic approach ensures that customers can scale the solution to fit their needs on their timeline as their program grows. This allows for a higher return on investment as programs can re-use existing infrastructure.


With our cloud-based software, training modules can be accessed anytime, anywhere promoting self-learning, and reducing instructor and organizational burden.


Our innovative hands-free AR technology adds a layer of depth to traditional teaching modalities improving the comprehension of complex clinical concepts that are difficult to visualize.


Our Customers


“Elmhurst University was an early adopter of the Lumis® technology with our online and ground nursing programs at the undergraduate and graduate level. The ability to utilize Lumis AR in a variety of ways allows for meaningful learning for all students learning styles and all program curricular needs to reinforce learning.”

Laury Westbury

Director of Simulation, Assistant Professor
Elmhurst University

“The Lumis InSight Platform® is an engaging, intuitive piece of technology that anyone can use, students will appreciate this type of learning experience. Bringing tools like augmented reality into classrooms is the future of teaching.”

Dr. Nicole Szalla

Director, RISE Simulation Center
Robert Morris University

“Though our nursing students are required to take anatomy and physiology prior to starting the nursing program, we often noticed a disconnect in the understanding of exactly what is happening in the body in response to different disease processes. With Lumis®, we are able to provide the students with a living example of the human body in the classroom for better understanding and application of that knowledge, especially for our visual and kinesthetic learners.”

Sarah Simmons

Nursing Lab and Simulation Instructor
Brunswick Community College

“I think that the Lumis® augmented reality platform offers so much more than the traditional high-fidelity patient simulators. The self-paced learning is a bonus!”

Rosanna Henry

Assistant Dean,
Clinical Skills and Simulation
Duquesne University

“Innovation is key and this new technology in healthcare simulation will blow you away.”

Pocket Nurse®

“Using the InSight Platform®, we are able to teach critical thinking and decision-making skills both in the simulation lab and lectures to increase learning of complex concepts.”

Dr. Alice Blazeck

Assistant Professor,
Vice Chair for Administration,
University of Pittsburgh,
School of Nursing

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