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The InSight Platform®

The InSight Platform is the culmination of years of research and technology, built scientifically to ensure maximum retention of complex materials. Our innovative hands-free augmented reality system combined with a comprehensive software suite, and sensor-based Smart Peripherals™ form the core of our platform. Our unique approach merges the physical environment with a digital simulation to breathe new life into established standards of simulation-based training resulting in a more immersive learning environment. Our platform is built on three primary components that come together to provide a one-of-a-kind training experience.


Mobile AR Unit – Our hands-free AR unit goes beyond the headset to create a dynamic learning environment that combines advanced visualizations with the ability to continue to manipulate the manikin and perform procedures as you normally would in a simulation lab. This powerful, immersive experience is housed within a compact, mobile, and portable unit that works with any manikin or task trainer or without one!

Smart Controller – A controller allows instructors to make changes to simulation scenarios in real time.

Suite of Smart Peripherals – An ever-expanding suite of sensor-based Smart Peripherals that mimic real medical devices allow measurement of the user actions while providing real-time feedback to help refine clinical and procedure concepts. At the same time, these peripherals are able to measure proficiency of the trainees as they progress along the continuum of learning.


Our cloud-based software suite puts expertly developed content in the hands of trainees, when they need it and where they need it. Self-guided lessons with built-in proficiency metrics promote independent-learning, allowing students to be better prepared for hands-on sessions in the simulation lab and instructors to easily track student progress without requiring to be in the lab at all times. This greatly reduces burden on the organization and supports hybrid models of learning which are rapidly becoming the norm at educational institutions. A Content Authoring Wizard allows instructors to edit and customize all pre-existing content to meet curricular needs.

Add-Ons & Customization

Part of what makes The InSight Platform so adaptable is the ability of every component of our solution to be fully customized to fit the size, capacity, and curriculum of your institution. Our team of expert developers will work with you to bring your ideas to life. From our modular pricing and tiered support structure, to tailored content packages, our solution is designed to grow with your programs’ evolving needs.


Benefits of the InSight Platform

High ROI

Integrate into and re-use existing training infrastructure


Hands-on training for faster learning and longer retention


Can grow with your program, budgets, and requirements

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