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The InSight Platform

The InSight Platform is the culmination of years of research and technology, tailored scientifically to ensure maximum retention of complex materials. Our unique approach using a projection-based AR-system combined with a cloud-based software suite provides advanced visualization and real-time visual feedback to better understand the impact of your actions and enhance your learning experience.


As the healthcare industry’s only projection-based AR training solution, the InSight Platform’s Portable AR Projection system disrupts traditional expectations for simulation instruction. We go beyond the headset to recreate a dynamic learning environment that provides a tactile and highly immersive experience.


Our cloud-based software suite puts expertly developed curriculum content in the hands of trainees, anywhere, and at anytime. Self-guided learning modules with built-in proficiency metrics promote independent-learning, and reduce the burden on the organization at a time when the healthcare industry is going through an acute instructor shortage.

Add-Ons & Customization

Part of what makes the InSight Platform so effective is the ability of our core technology to be fully customized to fit the size, capacity, and training needs of any institution.


Benefits of the InSight Platform

High ROI

Integrate into and re-use existing training infrastructure


Hands-on training for faster learning and longer retention


Can grow with your program, budgets, and requirements

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