Medical errors in the US are estimated to cause

250,000 deaths each year

and create incremental costs over

$20B annually.

Institute of Medicine 2000 & 2006, James 2013

The Vision of Lumis

After recognizing the devastating impact of medical errors on individuals, families and institutions, the leadership at Lumis recognized the need for more uniform training techniques as a solution to significantly eliminate many of these errors. Lumis Corporation was founded in 2017 to address this critical mission.

Built on years of R&D conducted at the University of Pittsburgh, a leading center for healthcare innovation, Lumis aims to disrupt traditional clinical and healthcare training by making it more immersive, accessible, and efficient.



Our Mission

Democratize healthcare education to reduce the frequency of medical errors and improve patient outcomes.


Funding Partners

Strategic Angel Investors


The Lumis Team

Lumis’ team members bring decades of business, education, and technology innovation experience to this one-of-a-kind solution.

Nehal Bhojak

President & CEO
Nehal Bhojak has been an early investor, EIR, and board member at Lumis since its inception in 2017 and brings over 20 years of experience …

Doug Nelson

Co-Founder, Vice-President & CTO
Doug has 10+ years of experience in simulator R&D and led development of Lumis’s core technology during his time at Pitt. Doug received his PhD …

John O’Donnell

John has 20+ years of experience in simulation education and teaches simulation around the world. He is a CRNA and received his DrPH from Pitt’s …

Joe Samosky

Joe has 20+ years of experience in patient safety and healthcare simulation. He received his PhD in Medical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology …

Alexandra Gales

Software Developer
Upon graduation from University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Psychology, Alexandra worked in mental health services for eight years. During this time, she repeatedly …

Ryan Torbic

Junior Software Developer
When Ryan was first introduced to Lumis’s work, his immediate reaction was a wish that he had access to similar resources during his time as …

Brittnee Yutzy

Business Development Associate
Brittnee graduated from Duquesne University in May of 2021 with her BA in Marketing and minors in Legal Studies and International Business. During her time at …

Sai Govindaraju

Marketing Associate
Sai is currently pursuing her bachelor’s in marketing and studying French, Chinese, and international business at the University of Pittsburgh. On campus, she has served …


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