Who We Serve

Training healthcare workers to shape the future of care delivery is the first step towards improving the health and well-being of patients as well as broader communities. Simulation technologies are critical in providing immersive learning while bridging the gap between concept and practice. They provide trainees with the opportunity to hone their clinical skills in a safe and controlled environment making for a better prepared healthcare professional.

As delivery models get more complex, there are several types of healthcare workers providing patient and community centric care. In order to be effective in a real-world clinical scenario, they must work together seamlessly. This can be achieved only if the training they go through is conducted in a collaborative learning environment.

The InSight Platform’s® unique approach utilizes existing simulation infrastructure but adds a layer of depth using cutting edge augmented reality technology making it one of the only platforms on the market that can enhance team based training using AR. Our comprehensive curriculum, customizable simulation scenarios, and proficiency metrics form the core of our software platform. This core is further strengthened by our advanced visualization capabilities and measurable user interactions that make the learning experience both immersive and outcome-based.