Lumis in Action


Robert Morris University


Robert Morris University’s nursing program wanted to offer their students more clinical decision-making opportunities beyond the classroom. For their pharmacology course, students have to learn a wide range of material in a short period of time. Therefore, the faculty needed to implement consistent, supplemental, self-paced learning experiences for students to enhance their engagement and accelerate learning.


Having had previously worked with Lumis® to implement the InSight Platform® technology in classroom settings, RMU instructors and faculty were already familiar with the immersive and comprehensive capabilities that Lumis technology offers. Two instructors, who were both teaching pharmacology, decided to offer their students an opportunity to use the web-based InSight Platform independently. They believed that seeing the physiological changes of certain medications could help students enhance engagement and retain the


Student engagement with the learning modules was very high, with more than 90% of the students using the learning modules on their own time, and about 50% of the students repeating modules to reinforce learning. This engagement demonstrates that students valued the on-demand access of our system to increase their knowledge on pharmacology and augment their clinical decision-making skills beyond the classroom.


“The Lumis InSight Platform® is an engaging, intuitive piece of technology that anyone can use, students will appreciate this type of learning experience. Bringing tools like augmented reality into classrooms is the future of teaching.”

Dr. Nicole Szalla

Director, RISE Simulation Center
Robert Morris University

About Lumis®

Lumis is a technology company that aims to disrupt the traditional clinical and healthcare education experience by making it more immersive, accessible, and efficient. Our augmented reality and data-driven InSight Platform® ensures that the same quality of training can be received by anyone, at anytime and anywhere. We are passionate about democratizing healthcare education to reduce the frequency of medical errors and improve patient outcomes. Our solution is scalable and customizable to fit the needs of everyone across the healthcare education spectrum.