Lumis in Action


University of Pittsburgh


Faculty members from The University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing wanted to provide senior nursing students with more practice in managing patient vitals to improve clinical decision-making. They sought a solution that would mirror what students could expect in a hospital rotation.


Pitt faculty members decided to work with Lumis® to integrate the InSight Platform® into an immersive workshop on medication safety and cardiac pharmacology for nursing students. Nine scenarios were developed to foster critical thinking and decision-making for managing various cardiovascular conditions that the students would expect to see in clinical settings after graduation. The students needed to assess patient vital signs, decide which medication could be administered to correct abnormal vitals, and physically administer the correct dose of medication. Medications were administered either by IV-push, or they needed to be adjusted by the students using an infusion pump. Students are now able to learn in a realistic environment, working through clinical scenarios by using The InSight Platform, creating a better-trained healthcare worker ready to enter the workforce.


After the workshop, students shared an overall positive response to the immersive and comprehensive simulation technology. In a follow-up survey;

  • 93% of the students agreed that workshop increased their understanding of medication titration
  • 93% responded that they enjoyed using the in-room TVs for their scenario

The InSight Platform® is now deployed across the School of Nursing and Lumis remains engaged with the faculty developing customized learning content for them.


“Using the InSight Platform®, we are able to teach critical thinking and decision-making skills both in the simulation lab and lectures to increase learning of complex concepts.”

Dr. Alice Blazeck

Assistant Professor,
Vice Chair for Administration,
University of Pittsburgh,
School of Nursing

About Lumis®

Lumis is a technology company that aims to disrupt the traditional clinical and healthcare education experience by making it more immersive, accessible, and efficient. Our augmented reality and data-driven InSight Platform® ensures that the same quality of training can be received by anyone, at anytime and anywhere. We are passionate about democratizing healthcare education to reduce the frequency of medical errors and improve patient outcomes. Our solution is scalable and customizable to fit the needs of everyone across the healthcare education spectrum.