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IMSH 2023

The International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) happens each year and brings thousands of healthcare professionals together to immerse themselves into the many technologies, ideas, and research projects that are exhibited. For the 23rd annual event, we packed our bags and headed to The Sunshine State to exhibit and launch the second generation of our InSight Platform®. Five people, twelve suitcases, and a ton of excitement for the big event – and our first ever exhibit as a company!

Preparing for an event of this magnitude is intense on its own. Add to that, a seamless launch of a new product, and the intensity rises exponentially. Months of long days, all nighters, and weekends went into updating our platform, adding new features, troubleshooting, and executing our marketing plan for IMSH. All this on top of running our company and keeping existing operations going smoothly. Our team worked harder than it ever has to make sure our product launch was sheer perfection.

Our tenacity was amply rewarded once we got to the conference. In just three days we had hundreds of people stop by our booth, Booth 962, to learn more about Lumis®, interact with our InSight Platform, and chat with the team.

The InSight Platform uses Augmented Reality (AR) to allow trainees to benefit from the power of simulation-based training by layering an immersive experience with procedure-based workflows. Equipped with many new features that cater to a wide range of simulation-based training scenarios, it was exciting to see it in action, and in the hands of potential users. 

As a relatively young company that has grown organically to date, our intention to launch a new version of our product at a conference as renowned as IMSH was to create product awareness for a broader market audience. 

While standing around the booth and engaging in conversations with eager visitors we heard so many different compliments about our platform that truly validated not only our hard work these past few years but also our approach in training future healthcare professionals. Thought leaders from the healthcare technology and investment community  enthusiastically exclaimed, “I am not sure how proficiency can be measured with headsets but I do get how your Smart Peripherals™ and software can track how someone is progressing.” But that wasn’t it. We also heard;

Aside from the flattering testimonials we received throughout the event, we also got to connect with so many peers and experience other technologies being exhibited. These connections alone have opened the possibility for new partnerships to blossom. 

Although IMSH 2023 has just come to an end, we are already gearing up for next year’s conference in San Diego!

Our launch featured many new capabilities and upgrades including a new UI and additional Smart Peripherals. If you did not have the chance to attend IMSH or visit our booth and are interested in learning more about the second generation of our InSight Platform, please let us know here and we can schedule a time to chat!